10ZiG Technology Joins Microsoft for Upcoming Webinars – Windows 365 Cloud PC

Leicester, United Kingdom – 10ZiG is thrilled to welcome Microsoft’s Principal PM and Community Lead, Windows 365, to speak with our Technical Solutions Architect Jason Hudson at our joint Windows 365 Cloud PC Focused Webinar in April.

In this April 13th session, you will learn how to create a complete Windows 365 Cloud PC experience, provided with 10ZiG Thin Client and how to manage them seamlessly through Microsoft Endpoint Management (MEM).

Topics covered.

  • What is Windows 365 Cloud PC?
  • How to create device groups and how the enrollment process works at 10ZiG Endpoint.
  • How 10ZiG Manager can be used to create a similar result.
  • How to create a ‘configuration profile’ for your 10ZiG endpoints and fine tune and tweak them.
  • How to set up ‘Kiosk Mode’ using the power of Microsoft Shell Launcher v.2. (Provide secure and manageable access to AVD or Windows 365 Cloud PC).
  • Setting up auto-subscription on your AVD and Windows 365 resources.
  • Creating a Windows 365 Cloud PC, which includes user selection, configuration and licensing.
  • Set up and display Microsoft Team Optimization inside the Cloud PC by redirecting audio and video to the 10ZiG 6010q W10 IoT Thin Client.

You can register for the event here: https://bit.ly/10ZiGMicrosoft365CloudPC.

About 10ZiG
10ZiG Technology is a global market leader in Thin and Zero Client endpoint devices for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), DaaS and SaaS. We are the leading Intel and AMD based dual and quad core Thin and Zero for Citrix, Citrix Cloud (DaaS), Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Microsoft (Azure Virtual Desktops (AVD), Microsoft RDP, Windows 365 (Cloud PC), VMware. Client Horizon, VMware on-premises and VMware Public / Private Cloud Environment, in addition to the full range of Terradi PCOIP Zero clients. And software solutions, including unlimited user licenses, give us cutting edge.

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