11Yr Old WhiteHat Jr student created the menstrual app

11-year-old Ahmedabad girl trying to ban menstruation around; Creates an app for better access to girls’ information

Menstruation, although a completely normal biological process, is also an issue that is not openly discussed in our country for multiple reasons. For young girls, menstruation can be a stressful time. The taboos associated with this topic make it difficult for young girls experiencing menstruation to access information that can help them understand the changes that take place in their bodies during that time of the month. Ayesha Goel, an 11-year-old girl from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, saw her friends fighting the same problem and decided to create an app called ‘Free Flow’ for an easy-to-use, one-stop-destination key. Provides information about menstruation and also gives girls the option to track their cycles.

Speaking about the app, Ayesha Goel, a student at Whitehat Junior, said, “Young girls often find it very difficult to talk about menstruation with adults. Restrictions on the subject mean that they have a limited opportunity to ask a trusted adult all their questions about the menstrual cycle. I have seen my friends struggle to understand why their bodies are going through certain changes. They wanted to know more but did not know who to turn to. In fact, most of the apps that focus on menstruation are made for adult women and not for young girls. That’s where I got the idea to create an app that would serve as a repository of monthly health information. In addition, I’ve added more features, such as the date of the tracking period and a chatbot to answer questions related to menstrual problems such as back pain, acne and cramps.

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