21K School has become the world’s first web 3 0 school

21K School, an online only school, has launched its own NFT marketplace, as well as Metaverse and Web 3.0 for their K12 students around the world. Transforming online schooling from Web 2.0 to the world’s first Web 3.0, the founders of 21K schools have taken a keen interest in technology and are embracing it for future schools, where students will be encouraged to use technology to expand their learning journey.

21K School students will soon be able to create and sell their artwork, books, podcasts, music, videos in the 21K School NFT Marketplace. They can earn reward points in the form of coins for all activities, timely submission of assignments, assessment obtained in exams and marks, which can be redeemed for scholarship, etc. World students can invite their friends to be part of a fun learning journey and create an ecosystem. Web 3.0 School Marksheet is also launching a blockchain-based solution for students and teachers to identify profiles with their achievements.

21K School is also introducing gamification in its classrooms, where students can complete their homework and assignments in a gammified manner, powered by the digital school’s artificial intelligence-enabled learning management system. This will not only create deep engagement for the students but also encourage them to finish the tasks assigned to them with perfection. 21K schools will also award prizes based on their class videos, assessment scores and 21K school students’ feedback, while parents will be able to earn points for their involvement in their child’s educational journey, all in the form of 21K coins.

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