33 Unemployed educated youth due to lack of future skills survey

The ImaginXP research survey was conducted on 11,000 respondents, including 141 corporates

ImaginXP, a higher education organization, recently completed research focusing on India’s skills gap and insights into the challenges for working professionals.

The survey for the report was conducted through interviews with 1100 respondents, including 141 corporates. The study found that about one-third (33 per cent) of the country’s youth are currently facing unemployment due to lack of future-ready skills.

India currently has a GER of 26.6 per cent which means 74 per cent of the population aged 18-23 (ideal age for higher education applicants) is currently out of the higher education system due to lack of accessibility or affordability. Also, by 2023, India will need 2.7 million digitally skilled professionals.

About 31 percent of survey respondents said that while their existing degrees failed to equip their future-ready skills set, the need for an alternative skills-based learning model was essential. In addition, more than 53 percent of respondents admitted that they could not find a job of their choice, while more than 60 percent admitted that they did not receive a standard salary even after completing their degree properly. More importantly, about 75 percent of the population surveyed attest to the fact that future skills training can help them achieve greater success in their professional careers.

To address this situation, ImaginXP, India’s leading higher edtech company, has created a superior university-embedded educational structure that offers a number of full-time degree programs and credit courses specialized in design, business and technology. New Age industry-led courses include RPA, UX Design, Robotics, Cybersecurity, Data Science, IoT, Fintech, Healthtech, Digital Marketing, Product Management, etc.

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