48,000 student reserved seats in two cut-off lists

College administrators approved 10,591 applications. According to Dr. Jaswinder Singh, Principal, Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College, out of 820 seats, about 440 have been filled.

More than 48,000 students have confirmed their admissions to Delhi University under two cut-off lists, while the varsity has so far received more than 1.18 lakh applications, according to official data. Thursday was the last day for approval of pending applications for colleges and the third cut-off will be published on Saturday. The university received a total of 1,18,878 applications under the two cut-offs, with 48,582 paying student fees, filling more than half of the 70,000 graduate seats.

10,591 applications have been approved by the college principals. Dr. Jaswinder Singh, Principal, Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College, said that out of 720 seats, about 440 seats have been filled.

“We have 10 students who have applied to the B.Com program. The cut-off could be reduced by one percent on the third list,” he said.

The cut-off for the B.Com program was set at 100 percent in the first list but the course did not find any recipients so the cut-off was reduced to the second list. In Hindu College, so far 1,858 students have confirmed their admission.

“The third cut-off list could be reduced by up to one per cent for the course. We have already filled the unreserved seats for B.Com (Hons) while OBC is almost filled. There is a possibility that a meeting will be held on Saturday to decide on the cut-off, “said Manish Kansal, the college’s admission convener.


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