5000 disadvantaged students are part of the flagship CSR Initiative Topper hope

The year-long program found that students who used the TopPar Learning app for at least one hour a week improved 14% on the final line test as opposed to the baseline test.

Toppr has successfully completed the first edition of its CSR program, Toppr Asha. Launched in June 2020, the year-round program aims to support secondary students from low-income families through free access to Toppr’s learning app, using Toppr’s platform to provide 5011 disadvantaged students with an advanced, technology-enabled learning experience. TopPro also recently announced the winners of the program, with each receiving a prize of up to Rs 10,000. Winners are selected based on the improvement shown in the endline test and the amount of use of Toppr’s learning app.

Supported by the Michael and Susan Dale Foundation, Topper hopes to observe that several students have been adversely affected by the lack of adequate access to education.

To bridge this gap, Topper hopes to reach more than 5,000 students, of whom 3,000+ are from rural areas, while 1,900+ are from urban and semi-urban areas. Toppr’s unique learning module, video support, and query-solving features can be used on all devices. Students can make the most of the platform’s huge content library on mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, social sciences, business studies, economics, and more.

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