63 Parents see e-learning as an investment in their child’s future report

The ZEE5 Intelligence Monitor released its 1st report on the Indian ed-tech industry, unveiling the latest trends in the EdTech industry with new insights to refresh brand and product strategies.

ZEE5 has launched the first report in the Indian EdTech industry from its knowledge series ‘ZEE5 Intelligence Monitor’ which reveals recent and emerging trends dominating both metro and non-metro parents regarding their expectations and behavior around online learning and Ed-Tech apps.

The first such offer, the ‘ZEE5 Intelligence Monitor’ seeks to uncover the behavior, attitudes and aspirations of transforming consumers across multiple industries, from EdTech to online gaming to e-commerce, offering advertisers an unparalleled opportunity to access an ultra-rich trend. Audience aggregates across multiple populations and geographies.

To identify key drivers of the Indian EdTech industry growth from the perspective of a marketer and an advertiser, the report reveals new norms regarding the type of costs and strong advances in a hybrid learning environment.

Key Insights of the ZEE5 Intelligence Monitor – Ad-Tech Report:

  • 50% of parents want to adopt e-learning permanently for their children
  • 46 percent of parents have adopted e-learning for their children during lockdown
  • 47 percent of parents believe that e-learning has enhanced their children’s educational progress
  • Eighty-three percent of parents see e-learning as an investment in their child’s future and say that learning is no longer a barrier to value.
  • About 40 percent of parents say that Internet connection is the biggest barrier to online education
  • Fifty percent of parents believe that the e-learning era is over and it will become a permanent part of education

Launching the report, Rajiv Boxi, Chief Operations Officer – Revenue, ZEE Entertainment Entertainment Ltd. said, “The Ed-Tech report is the first in a series of ZEE5 Intelligence Monitor highlights the direct disruption to Indian education, driven by technological solutions. , Convenience and the mentality of a new era. We are confident that the report will benefit brand custodians and product leaders and provide new information and insights for their advertising and business decision making. “

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