64 The biggest fear of students is not getting good scores in the final exam

The purpose of the Brainley survey is to understand the pressures that Indian students are facing on the upcoming final exams.

Experts say students are afraid to go to class offline after spending two years comfortably in their home. Many students experience behavioral changes as they try to cope with sudden physical exams. Against this background, the doubt-solving platform Brainley conducted a survey aimed at understanding Indian students and the pressures they are facing about the upcoming final exams.

The survey collected feedback from 1,500 students in grades 6-12 and revealed that 64 percent of them are worried that they will not get good marks in their exams. 51 percent of students would prefer their exams to be held online this year.

This year too, the students who are preparing for the final exams of this academic year have not had a normal academic year like before. Many students are concerned about social exclusion, school closures and limited access to sports and leisure activities, as well as the pressure to do well in the final exams. 55 percent of students worry that their peers will score better than them.

Commenting on the same, Narasimha Jayakumar, Managing Director, Brainley, India, said, “Millions of students are stressed and anxious when they hear the word ‘test’. Students have access to online help 24/7, even in the local language. It relieves students of some of the excitement and stimulates their minds to allow for a better course experience. “

The survey also asked students what subjects they would like to study, with 44 percent choosing science, while 51 percent feared they might not find the subject of their choice.

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