67 8 Teachers prefer hybrid teaching format survey

OrangeSlates’ Teacher Development Survey finds out what is needed to improve teacher skills today

Educators’ first AdTech startup, OrangeSlats, today published a research report on the current state of teacher development in the country that allows them to truly understand where today’s educators are and what they need from a skills development perspective. The study was conducted on 200 academics across the country.

The report states that about 50 percent of educators feel that they do not have enough time or money to improve their skills. At a time when the entire education system is going through an instability in the global epidemic, it shows that more needs to be done to empower educators. National Education Policy 2020 places great emphasis on teacher education.

The report further reveals that about 67.8 percent of teachers now prefer a hybrid education format, while 28.2 percent prefer a fully online experience in teaching after the Kovid-19 epidemic.

When asked about the most challenging part of being a teacher, 24.6 percent think that achieving work-life balance is the hardest part of teaching; 21.3 per cent of the other major sections think that current wages are not in line with current industry standards. The OrangeSlates survey was conducted to help teachers understand the integration of technology at an individual level and to further establish the preparation for the evolution of existing technologies that have helped shape a teacher’s life today.

Most of the respondents think that gamification will definitely help students to learn better and this is probably the future of the country’s edtech industry. Similarly, educators firmly believe that smartphones or devices are just as effective for learning and assignment as the world is rapidly moving towards digitization, and their skills can play an important role in shaping learning for students.

The primary reasons for choosing an upskilling course for themselves are that the educators in India are leaning first towards the institutes conducting the sessions, the prices and the institutes according to their order of importance. They prefer both self-speed as well as live courses because of their schedule.

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