78 Professionals want employers to improve their hybrid work for surveys

According to the respondents, Harper’s Hybrid Readiness survey includes ‘Skilled Teamwork’, Ownership and Learning Agility, Top Skills Needed for Development in Hybrid Settings, Respondents and much more.

Harappa, India’s leading online organization for behavioral skills, today shared the results of their Hybrid Readiness Survey (HRS) 2022. HRS 2022 was conducted to gain insights on the most important ‘Thrive Skills’ (i.e., cognitive, social and behavioral skills). Professionals must be equipped to advance in their careers.

The epidemic has completely changed the future of jobs, making it clear that hybrid workplaces are here to stay. To be effective and productive contributors to the future hybrid workplace, professionals must always build an essential set of cognitive, social and behavioral skills to navigate new challenges. HRS 2022 highlights the high-skilled needs of working professionals, with 78 percent of 300 respondents saying they should invest in programs to help their organizations prepare for work in the hybrid world.

The survey highlighted the priority of variable learning for professionals in the workplace, both as individuals and as managers and leaders. Respondents throughout the career stage: Team members from CXO agree that competent teamwork is their number one priority then ownership and learning. Increasing confidence, collaborative adaptation and productive representation is the top skill that our respondents seek in their leaders.

The survey participants had a diverse set of professionals at different stages of their career journey, covering a wide range of industries such as pharmaceutical, IT, automobile, finance, education etc. 41 percent of respondents were working completely remotely, 37 percent were working in a hybrid setting, and only 22 percent were expected to return to the office completely in the center.

Harappa recently launched its useful upskilling program for hybrid workplaces with two self-paced courses: Leading others and managing hybrid workplaces. Utilizing Harper’s unique and time-tested Thrive Skills pedagogy, the program seeks to help organizations build leadership for their hybrid workforce and manage strong business results with remote teams. The program includes 10 hours of interactive learning content, pre-and-after assessments, six transformational learning outcomes, and more.

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