82 Indian schools are still using online platforms for learning surveys

The Brainley survey sheds light on students’ feelings about the reopening of schools in the aftermath of an epidemic and the future of online learning.

Since the Indian government has given the green light to partial reopening of schools, Brainley, the world’s largest online learning platform, has conducted a survey to understand how EdTech will fit into students’ lives when the pattern of education changes again. Collecting a total of 1,731 responses, Brainley’s survey mapped out several interesting insights. Key highlights of the survey include:

Most students are excited about the school reopening

The viral outbreak has shifted overnight to digital education, bringing EdTech great relief. A majority (82 per cent) of intelligent students in India are now excited to return to brick-and-mortar schools. Speaking about the trend, Brainley CPO Rajesh Baisani said, “Although Indian students have adapted well to the often stressful study from home instances, they look forward to returning to the physical classroom. It seems clear that no technology can replace friendships and interactions with peers. “61 percent of students also claim that their parents feel comfortable sending them to physical classes, drawing development in a more positive light.

The schools are taking appropriate security measures

79 percent of surveyed students feel that their schools are taking all necessary precautions as they return to school buildings. More than half of the students (55 percent) mentioned that attending physical classes is compulsory according to their school. This suggests that while epidemic restrictions continue in some parts of the country, a number of schools are still taking the path of online education because they continue to err on the side of caution. In fact, 82 percent of students mentioned that their schools still use online platforms for learning.

Students and schools continue to rely on EdTech

Now students have not only adapted to the online platform but also improved in this medium. Not surprisingly, 77 percent of students still seek help from online learning platforms like Brainley after reopening their schools. In addition, most students (75 percent) would like their schools to follow a hybrid model of learning for the foreseeable future.

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