86 international students know their desired career field in contrast to 79 home

The study group shares insights from its latest white paper on understanding the employment needs of international students.

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  • 86 percent of international students know their preferred career field, while 79 percent are home students
  • Business, computer science and IT, and healthcare and pharmaceuticals are among the top 3 preferred career fields.
  • Only 51 percent of international students vs. 63 percent of home students are confident for employment
  • 84 percent of international students vs. 80 percent of home students are more aware of university career services, but only 43 percent vs. 37 percent have used them

To better understand the employment aspirations of international students and to differentiate them from home students, Study Group, a global education provider that prepares international students for university degree programs and offers English language courses, recently conducted a 600-way survey with graduates. And postgraduate students studying in the UK. Through research, educators have identified that employment is an important outcome for all students, with international student support needs different from home (UK) students. Five main themes have emerged:

  1. More international students already know their preferred career field:
    1. Eighty-one percent of all the students we surveyed already know their preferred career field.
    2. At the degree level, this number becomes 86 percent for international students and 79 percent for home students. In addition, 82 percent of international pathway-level students already know their preferred career field.
  2. The top three career fields for international students are business; Computer science and IT; Healthcare and pharmaceuticals, with 44% of survey participants choosing one of these areas.
  3. International students are less confident and prepared for employment – 51 percent for some or very confident versus 63 percent for home students, again highlighting that they may need more help.
  4. Most international and domestic students are aware of their university career services (81 percent). However, international students are more aware of the university’s career services – 84 percent vs. 80 percent for home students.
  5. Less than half of the students who know that their university career services exist have used them. More international students said they used them – 43 percent versus 37 percent for home students

Manoj Sethi, chief revenue officer of the study group, shared his views on the insights generated from the survey. International students today need specific skills and expert advice to get the best chance of success in their careers. As educators, we are working with our partner universities to improve their career support services and empower future staff, with a greater focus on the needs of international students. “

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