92 universities believe that degree apprenticeship gives good results in study

Teamless Adtech Study, Future of Apprenticeship in India ‘, An Analysis of the Degree Apprentice Ecosystem Developed in India

TeamLease EdTech, a B2B EdTech company today launched their report – ‘The Future of Apprentices in India’, an analysis of the degree apprentices ecosystem developed in India. The survey indicates that 92 percent of universities and higher education institutions (HEIs) believe that the degree equips apprentice students to meet the growing workforce needs more than regular degrees. The analysis further suggests that the apprentice model equips students with basic work experience and the necessary soft skills, thus making them more employable.

Sharing detailed analysis and insights about the ecosystem, Shantanu Rouge, founder and CEO, TeamLease EdTech, said, “In India, we have a huge skills crisis. There are about 12 million students who graduate each year, but only 35 percent of these students are actually employable enough to join the industry. Over the past few years, degree trainees have emerged as a solution to this skills crisis. In India, HEI strongly believes that apprentice embedded degrees are proving to be more beneficial for students. Indeed, as our survey indicates, 79 percent of universities and HEIs think that such programs prepare students for work as soon as they enter the workforce; In addition, 71 percent believe that students can better learn the intricacies of the corporate world through such programs. “

The study further highlights how apprentice students are creating higher values ​​for those who go through the learning curve. Sixty-two percent of respondents said that apprentices have created a sustainable cycle of learning by enabling students to earn while learning. This will go a long way in improving the country’s GER by increasing the demand side.

Going deeper into the ecosystem, the report further highlights that degree trainees are also helping to solve the problem of dropping the Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) in higher education institutions. Sharing his views, Nitish Sharma, co-founder and president, Timliz Adtech, said, “We have a dropout rate! From 10th grade to university education, about 55 percent of students drop out of the learning ecosystem each year. Degree apprentices, which includes ‘earnings while learning’, are proving to be a credible option for tackling this challenge. Incidentally, as our survey highlights – 93 percent of universities and higher education institutions have revealed that degree trainees can help increase GER and achieve the GER targets set in the National Education Policy 2020. It will really remove the needle of education and make it better Prepare students for the future. “

The National Education Policy 2020 has laid the groundwork for more universities to come forward and launch degree apprenticeship programs. Currently only 4-5 universities in India offer degree apprentices, there are currently around 63,000 active degree apprentices. As more universities come forward, the pool of recruiting trainee candidates will increase significantly. This will cater to the growing demand for apprentices in the industry (according to the recent Apprentice Recruitment Outlook Report by Timlies Skill University NETAP, 72% of employers are interested in hiring apprentices in H1 2022). Indeed, according to the results of this survey, 70 percent of universities and HEIs believe that with the introduction of new degree apprenticeship programs and a significant increase in apprenticeship recruitment, there will be more than 10 million apprentices in India in the near future. Five years.

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