A new way for droppers in NEET exams

As this test date approaches, many will be confused and anxious about what to do. Here are some tips and guidelines you should follow when writing your exam.

The NEET exam and its preparation is a subject that is feared by most students due to the huge load of subjects. For those who have been attending their dropper years, things will not be so easy even though they cover all the syllabus and appear for mock exams.

NEET preparation tips for droppers

1. Understand the cause!

It’s always hard to find a reason to fail, especially if it’s something you want to pass. But don’t let that feeling overwhelm you, it’s okay to be scared but don’t get overwhelmed. Acknowledging your failure goes a long way, and it helps to start things off with a new and brighter mind.

If you are afraid of losing and unable to acknowledge your failure, you will not be able to concentrate on your next steps, thus leading to failure. So the choice is yours.

2. Failure is a step towards success

Make a list of the things you missed in your first test and do it this time. Failure never means that it is a stop sign for you. Try new strategies and new ways to find solutions to handle questions. Fix all your issues again. If possible, make a to-do list every day and make sure you tick all the boxes by the end of the night.

3. A new perspective

This is the right time to ask for guidance. Since you are already familiar with the important part of the syllabus and the test pattern, it is easy to get the desired number. But make sure you have a mentor with you. Having a mentor will help you gain a new perspective on the test, thus helping you to start anew.

4. Change the plan

Stick to your plan; If necessary, create a new one. For those droppers who spend their time in coaching, the organization will be longer than others. Include that time in your schedule and make sure you are doing your self-study for at least 4-5 hours.

Even if you enroll in a reputed coaching institute, self-study is important because it helps you to revise what you have studied and get new information.

5. Be and stay positive

It is normal for people to criticize and compare dropper students with those who have passed their first trial. But in the midst of all their harsh words, stay positive and don’t compare yourself to others. The only person you should be compared to is you. Make sure you are improving positively. If necessary, take guidance from those who know this field. Take care of your health mentally and physically.

6. Complete the map

As you prepare for your dropper year, make sure you do not repeat the same things you once studied. Complete the topics you missed last year. Take note and clear up any doubts you may have had in the previous year. In the first half of your dropper year, your primary focus should be on what you are not strong But at the same time, make sure that you balance things and do not over-correct things.

For the second half, it’s all about reconsideration and repetition.

Mock Test: The Ultimate Savior

Everyone knows the importance of mock tests, but many are not in a hurry to cover their syllabus. When you are preparing for your exam in the last six months, make sure that you have written at least 2-3 mock tests.

Mock tests help you understand how to create questions and how much time you should spend on each question. It gives you a taste of the variety of questions so it prepares you for the most difficult questions. Other than that many questions are always asked repeatedly, thus you will be able to get score marks in those questions without any doubt. Hope you get the best number!

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