Abhishek Biswas is the keynote speaker at IIT Roorkee

Faith is working to ensure a neutral certification for clothing and apparel by certifying organizations that are not involved in unjust practices such as unjust wages, unpaid labor, child labor, etc.

Abhishek Biswas, founder of the Sattvik Council of India, was the keynote speaker at IIT Roorkee where he spoke to help young people at the university understand their role in innovation, technology and how food is changing around their perceptions. Globe

Faith believes that everyone has the right to eat, no matter where they come from, and this right is not just what is eaten, but how it is eaten without fear or doubt in mind. That’s how Sattvik was born – it’s been 6 years since they started as a humble NGO, and now they’re the world’s first vegetarian food and lifestyle certification agency.

Sattvik has collected 40 codes for vegetarian safety. They have vegan, Jain, pure-vegetarian sections and more, so that whatever the diet, people know what they are eating and what is best for them. Their quality test is rigorous. So if a railway is certified as ‘vegetarian’, then every few stations on that railway will have a check-in point so that there is no external pollution.

Abhishek Biswas says, “The Indian Sattvik Council is more than a vegetarian food and lifestyle certification body. One way to ensure that people are exercising their right to eat without thinking about what their food might be. We try our best to make sure that people know that what they eat is ethically sourced and produced in the best environment. “

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