Abhishek Sharma, founder of STEMpedia Co., has joined BrightCHAMPS

Goa-based BrightChamps, a global live-learning edtech platform that provides next-generation life skills to kids, has hired Abhishek Sharma to lead its RoboChamps verticals, which includes robotics, artificial intelligence and other emerging technology programs for kids. As head of RoboChamps, Sharma will create a state-of-the-art curriculum, as well as play a key role in the company’s expansion plans by setting up and scaling vertically in the more than 30 countries BrightChamps currently serves.

According to the company, the soon-to-be-launched RoboChamps is a one-of-a-kind, experiential learning program designed to help kids learn and understand real-world, industry-standard technologies using computing concepts. Electronics, assistive and autonomous robots, artificial intelligence, machine learning, human-machine-interaction, Internet of Things, bio-mimicking robots and much more. Designed to be a hands-on and focus on learning outcomes, each student will receive their own kit, which will include recyclable robots, sensors, aquifers, mechanical components, and everything needed to get a child’s hand dirty. Technology

In the face of ambitious orders, Sharma, an experienced in developing technology that facilitates learning for children, is a suitable choice. Prior to joining BrightChamps, he spent five years as a co-founder of Stempedia, leading the company 25 times with leadership in business strategy, sales, marketing, strategic relationships and other day-to-day corporate affairs. During this time, his work gained worldwide popularity, influencing half a million students in 4 dozen countries and 500 schools.

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