Academics launches the Learning Lobby Initiative for Parents

The platform has been practically launched with curated experts to help solve relevant and stressful issues for sensitive and mental well-being, with a survey of 300 teachers across 9 cities.

Practically, India’s Experimental Learning App is designed to immerse learning for students in grades 6-12, launching ‘The Learning Lobby’, an initiative that answers basic but important questions that educators and parents may have in mind. Gathered a curated team of experts providing insight to navigate this situation in practice. This is a comprehensive initiative that starts with webinars on a fortnightly basis.

The initiative aims to ensure that teachers and parents are able to create a healthy environment for themselves and their students by overcoming challenges such as work-life balance (for teachers), stress management and adolescence.

The initiative came to light after conducting an internal survey by Practically to understand the challenges faced by educators. The results show that 78 percent of teachers believe that students are experiencing stress and boredom. Fifty-five percent of educators find it difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance because they experience constant fatigue. More than 70 percent of teachers believe they need guidance to better adapt to the current situation and expert intervention will help them overcome their current challenges. The Learning Lobby is a thoughtful response to feedback from academics across the country.

Commenting on the initiative, Charu Noheria, co-founder and COO of Practical, said, “Practically trying to create a fun learning experience. Our latest initiative is consistent with this vision. With the launch of The Learning Lobby, we further aim to deepen the ever-increasing needs of students, parents and educators. We will cover the issues that affect them and solve them carefully through a team of our experts. Awareness of mental and emotional well-being is still at an early stage in India, especially in the field of education, but it is the right time to set the table efficiently. The learning lobby will ultimately equip parents, teachers and carers with the best practices to enable a healthy environment for students.

In the first session, Dr. Rati Chandana, Leadership Transformation Instructor, will speak on the importance of work-life balance in the new normal conditions on December 2nd, from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm. The second session will be moderated by K. Helen, Adolescent Passage Consultant and the third session will be moderated by Fahim Sait, Training Consultant of Smart Time Management Tools for Teachers.

Webinar registration is free and will be hosted on Practical’s Youtube channel.

“The learning lobby is practically an initiative. Their dedication to the overall welfare of teachers, parents and students is remarkable. I believe that a healthy work-life balance requires time, especially for teachers. The ever-evolving learning space can claim and it is now imperative to follow more and more best practices than ever before. I am delighted to be practically involved and I see this opportunity as a great platform to benefit teachers and society in general, ”commented Dr. Rati Chandana, Leadership Transformation Instructor.

The initiative will have active participation from industry, including a Q&A session with participants from all over the country. All sessions will be archived and accessible from anywhere in the world.

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