Advances CSR together in educational institutions

Everything you do needs a strong foundation. CSR and education is about values ​​and culture that must be mastered from the grassroots level

The purpose of corporate social responsibility is to give back to the community, to take part in public welfare activities and to fulfill moral and ethical responsibilities that benefit the society.

Businesses are increasingly leaning towards CSR to make a difference and create a positive image around their company. Similarly, many educational institutions, especially higher education institutions, are actively involved in CSR activities. They understand the need to serve the environment and people for the betterment of society. They understand how CSR is one of the important contributing factors for their growth and visibility. For example, the Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) ‘s leading B-school club in India, CSR, is very active.

CSR activities in educational institutions can take many forms:

Raising awareness about sustainability and other social factors

There is more to education than just being a means of earning a living. The livelihood should be such that the student is taught the basic skills to deal with and cope with worldly stress and at the same time be protected for future and future generations. Educational institutions need to make efforts to spread awareness about environmental accountability. They should act as a platform to discuss issues related to sustainability, environment, equality, mental health, girls’ education and much more. Conduct seminars and workshops at national and international level.

Philanthropic and voluntary promotion

The institute has a lot of resources that can benefit the charity. When educational institutions engage themselves in fundraising activities and volunteering, they not only give back to society but also improve their perception in the community. When students engage in a fascinating age, they not only lay a transformative foundation for their future lives but also create social capital for the country.

Providing social entrepreneurial skills

Institutes should partner with NGOs and participate in initiatives that integrate leadership and community service. Providing social entrepreneurial skills among the youth can play an important role in the overall development of the youth and allow them to contribute to the development of their own community. These skills are useful for being an active member of an organization or society and are fundamental to being a future leader which will create value.

For example, the Young Volunteers Organization (YVO), a non-profit organization, launched a program in 2020 called the ‘Future Leaders Program’ (FLP). Since its inception, more than 200 students from various educational institutions like IIM Ranchi, IIM Ahmedabad, Harvard Business School, KLS Gogte Institute of Technology (Belgaum), Mrs. Kashibai Navale Medical College Pune, Rockwell International School Hyderabad and many more have participated in and benefited from this program. Participants were not only able to observe in depth the effectiveness of an NGO but also learned the importance of gratitude, teamwork, decision making, communication and critical thinking; Every leader needs skills to make a positive difference.

Free education and skills development

This age-old system of awarding prizes or scholarships to meritorious students inspires students to study further. The positive side of this is that ‘acquired education’ should be expressed as something constructive for the society to move forward. Educational institutions should come forward and assist them if necessary and provide scholarships and skills enhancement programs.

Education is not just about knowledge; It emphasizes the status of the individual in society. Similarly, CSR takes any organization to a higher level with an additional element of credibility. The field of CSR contains much more. Bandwidth should not be limited to any educational institution in terms of being socially responsible.

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