Amazon Academy has launched a full year JEE NEET course

Amazon Academy today announced the JEE / NEET ‘Ultimate Pack for 2022-23’ in both Hinglish and English for students in grades 10 through 11 and grades 11 through 12, respectively. The year-long course is designed to help students ensure high scores in competitive exams by providing an overall preparation that includes live classes, high-quality content and data analytics-supported education. The course also guides students through a research-based revision program at Amazon Academy, who have in the past trained top JEE / NEET rankers by highly rated specialist faculties.

As part of these packs, students will receive a total of 360+ hours of live lectures on key topics – pre-recorded videos including physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics, daily tips and techniques, practice questions, chapter exams, monthly exams, all-India live mock tests, previous Year papers and doubt resolution classes. Live guided practice sessions will help students practice important questions directly with teachers to clear their doubts and avoid the struggle to find solutions online. The courses will start on March 28, 2022 and will continue till JEE and NEET exams 2023 for 12th class students. For students currently in Class 10, the course will begin with the May Post-Board Exam, but they may enroll early to gain access to the Complementary Revision Class for their 10th Board Exam.

In addition, Amazon Academy is launching crash courses to help 12th graders prepare for JEE / NEET 2022. The course will cover all the important topics for JEE / NEET exam Students will receive free extra classes to help them prepare for their 12th board exam.

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