Applications are open for Masters in Industrial Ng Management at Ariel University

The two-year program offers students three specialized fields in robotics, human factor engineering, and knowledge and data engineering.

The Masters in Industrial Engineering and Management is a research-intensive program designed to offer students a variety of engineering disciplines and quantitative analysis techniques. This includes planning, designing, controlling and managing complex organizations and systems.

The program is designed with the view that an industrial engineer must consider not only the behavior of inanimate objects regulated by the laws of physics, but also the behavior of humans as they interface with inanimate objects and interact with each other and, therefore, include the curriculum. The basics of engineering, economics, behavioral science and management.

The Masters program equips engineering students with a knowledge that emphasizes innovation, how to find the best practices for increasing productivity in the manufacturing and service industries. Students study a wide range of quantitative and qualitative subjects, providing a comprehensive education in their operations research and statistics, performance measurement and productivity, autonomous vehicles and robotics, engineering production and management, machine learning and artificial intelligence, inventory control and the like. Distribution systems, ergonomics and human factors.

Program delivery

Teaching entirely in English, the two-year research-intensive program offers students three specialized areas. Robotics, robotics Human Factor Engineering and K.Knowledge and data engineering.

Focus on the definition of autonomous systems and robotics capabilities, automotive vehicle speed planning, robot navigating a plane under uncertainty, target location exploration, robotic swarm speeds and topological methods and their use for single speed and cluster speed analysis.

Human Factor Engineering focuses on the design of the work environment, effective movement, movement volume, measurement, performance improvement and efficiency characteristics, physiological, psychological and functional stress, human performance ability, human appearance interface and limitations, and decision making in control and monitoring systems.

Knowledge and data engineering, one of the most recent emerging fields is the combination of huge data, statistical prediction methods, machine learning and algorithms to work with ‘deep learning’ algorithms that enable predicting, predicting and drawing conclusions.

Admission cycle

Applications will be accepted until July 15, 2022.

Admission requirements

For the program, students must have a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and management with an average grade of 80 or higher, or students must be in the top 25 percent of their class. Applications from those with an average bachelor’s degree of at least 80 in engineering, fine sciences, economics and other behavioral sciences and those in the top 25 percent of the class will be brought before the admissions committee for discussion. I will need those for makeup course.

An average of 75-80 undergraduate students in these fields can apply through an admissions committee and attach two letters of recommendation. Students must present a score of at least 6.5 and above in the IELTS English proficiency test.

The University reserves the right to change the terms of admission


Scholarships are available to eligible students for tuition and living expenses.

A minimum number of students is required to open the program.

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