Ashoka University has launched a creative and critical center

The center provides a space that encourages, discusses, and reinforces creative thinking and critical reasoning.

Ashoka University today announced the establishment of its new center, the Center for the Creative and Critical. The center will provide a forum for raising questions and resolving questions around creative practice and critical reasoning.

The center aims to stimulate intercultural and extra-disciplinary discussions about the creative practices of novelists, poets, translators, artists, scholars, filmmakers, journalists and publishers who are associated with different traditions and histories around the world. It seeks to create a source for intervening in contemporary debates on various issues and to create a new vocabulary for these debates. It will build partnerships with other organizations around the world.

The center will organize seminars, symposia and workshops by creative practitioners and thinkers so that they can share their ideas and thought processes with students, with each other and in the universal domain. International collaborative networks will be established in North America, the United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, China, based on existing partnerships for symposia with TORCH and St. Hughes College, Oxford, Columbia Institute of Ideas and Imagination. , Paris, and India International Center, Delhi.

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