Assam primary school students return to class after 2 years

Physical classes have started from class 1 for primary school students in Assam.

Primary school students from Class 1 to Assam went to school after being hit by the COVID-19 epidemic about two years ago while adhering to strict health protocols and other guidelines. Physical classes for the upper primary section also resumed in April of this year, six months after the brief reopening, when the second wave of epidemics hit and closed again that month.

According to the new standard operating system issued by the state government, online classes will be available for those who want to stay at home. School authorities said attendance was low, especially in the lower primary section. They further added that campus premises have been thoroughly sanitized and all COVID-friendly behaviors are being followed, including wearing masks and maintaining social distance.

According to the new SOP, 1-8 standard physical classes will be held on alternate days of the week, while from 9th, classes will be on a daily basis. A maximum of 30 students are allowed in each section of a class. Parents / guardians also have to give written consent to attend the physical class in their ward as per SOP.

Meetings and cultural events are prohibited on school premises, it says. Physical classes for final year students of higher secondary, degree, postgraduate and technical courses have already resumed from 6th September, whereas for 10th class resumed from 20th September.

The decision to reopen the educational institutions was taken in view of the improvement in the COVID-19 situation in the state. Days.
In case of detection of any COVID-19 positive case in a school, local government authorities must be notified, and classes will resume the next day after all students and staff have been tested in accordance with the new SOPs.

If more than one positive case is caught, the educational institution will be closed for seven days. At least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine is mandatory for all teachers and non-teaching staff, while mandatory for both dose boarders and hostel and boarding school staff, excluding final year students under 18 years of age, it added.


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