Author Transfer GEMS Education joins hands to make school search easier in the UAE

To provide uninterrupted access to quality education by prioritizing and ensuring advance seats during transfers.

Relocation company, Writer Relocations (a business division of Writer Business Services), which has a large presence in the UAE, has announced its partnership with GEMS Education, the world’s largest K-12 private education provider, to provide an uninterrupted admission. Procedure for children of families relocated to the UAE. The goal is to reduce the stress of hundreds of families by using Writer Relocation and securing school seats for their children within the GEMS Education Network, which offers a wide choice of schools across the country.

Author Migration, which handles more than 8,000 transfers each year, has seen an increase in migration and family migration to the GCC region, particularly the UAE, since the reopening of the post-lockdown border. This arrangement with GEMS Education will enable Writer Relocation clients to streamline their school search process with government expatriates, corporate executives, and families, closing potential gaps in their children’s educational journeys. In addition, parents will have the opportunity to secure seats in GEMS Education for their children on a priority basis.

One of the primary problems that many families face during relocation is finding the right school with quality education for their children. By collaborating with GEMS Education, Writer Relocation’s clients will benefit from easy access to school principals and educators who will be able to provide insights into available options and paths.

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