B. Upgrading the school curriculum

The changes required by the epidemic are rebuilding spaces and allowing business students to learn in the long run.

For academics, students and families, this past year has been a test of patience and perseverance Remotely finishing the school year, making contingency plans for the new year, and preparing for personal learning this fall have forced many of us to reflect on the state of our learning environment. Technology was a lifeline between students and academics during Kovid’s time, but even the biggest fans hit the wall of technology-fatigue.

The panel of post pandemic classrooms was attended by Prof. Atmananda, Director, MDI Murshidabad, Prof. Madhu Raghavan, Director, TAPMI, Dr. Vigyan Prakash Verma, Director, SIES College of Management Studies, Dr. Bharatidasan, Director, Institute of Management. , Tiruchirappalli, Ajitesh Bonsai, Executive Director Acharya Bangalore B-School, IMU Kolkata Dr. Mahua Banerjee.

Commenting on the kind of soft skills required to post an epidemic, Professor Madhu commented, ‚ÄúToday the work has crossed all boundaries. Schools like UCLA, Oxford, Berkeley, MIT had to change the curriculum. ” He opined that changing the curriculum was a basic requirement to adapt to the aftermath of the epidemic. Ajitesh Bonsai said they have observed rapid burnout rates with students. To address the problem of epidemics, they started a program called ‘Theater in Management’, which included a variety of management functionalities that translate into better communication skills among students.

Another problem faced by educators working on student focus. Professor Mahua Banerjee talks about introducing meditation sessions for students before the class starts. Dr. Bigan said the introduction of hackathon for students was organized by alumni of the university where students were asked to solve real life problems. Professor Atmananda agrees that the use of technology infrastructure to influence education by faculty should be thoroughly understood by faculty.

Health considerations and budget cuts, along with investments made to support technology delivery and mixed delivery models during epidemics, will have a lasting impact on the look, feel and experience of B-school campus life.

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