Basic First has gone digital to open 300 doubt clearing centers worldwide

Doubt-clearing session can be scheduled on-demand, 24 * 7 text or chat message. The program will be open to K6 to K12 level students from 22 state boards and is preparing students for competitive exams for 84 competitive exams.

BasicFirst, a Jharkhand innovation lab-selected ad-tech startup, today announced the launch of an offline 300+ Doubt Clearing Center for its students in India and abroad, with the UAE and Singapore opening 15 and 3 centers, respectively. The company aims to create their physical modules through online and offline classes to help students study more effectively. BasicFirst is partnering with schools and coaching institutes to set up suspicion removal centers and has already identified and signed up with 85+ centers across 45+ cities.

In addition, BasicFirst is expanding their faculty of education with individuals with long-term skills in their respective courses and will have top flying faculty who will visit the center once or twice a month depending on the course and student needs. The flying faculty will be based outside Ranchi, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. In addition, BasicFirst is hiring qualified teachers and faculty members to provide top-grade learning experiences in regional languages, including Urdu, to meet the needs of state board students.

In recent times, the startup has seen a significant month-to-month growth of 100 percent, with a CAGR of 52 percent over the last nine months as strong demand has emerged from locations in the second tier and beyond. The company recently announced its CTO recruitment in the United States, as well as the company’s recruitment strategy for 1000+ talents in marketing, sales and technology profiles across markets in India, USA, UAE and Singapore.

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