BeSingular ZAPLearn – Introducing BW Education

BeSingular to launch free ZAPLearn, 1-day special course on Children’s Day

BeSingular, an EdTech company that provides the next generation with the skills needed to create a real, responsible impact through future technology learning, is ready to launch ZAPLearn, an interactive way to enroll in a 1-day special course on Children’s Day.

With ZAPLearn, BeSingular aims to help as many children as possible by offering free courses. Courses ranging from Artificial Intelligence, Game Design, Python to App Development will run for less than 120 minutes per session.

“The kind of skills needed for employment today are not usually taught in our traditional setup classrooms. Therefore, we offer children the opportunity to learn cutting-edge technology and prepare for their future. Through our superfast 1-day special course, we notice that To do “, said Nitesh Jain, Founder, BeSingular.

ZAPLearn courses are designed for children ages 9 to 18, so that they can understand future needs. It is a platform that provides the next generation with the skills they need to make a real, responsible impact by learning the technology of the future.

In addition to future technology courses, there are embedded courses on BeSingular Entrepreneurship, where students are trained to become “tech entrepreneurs.”

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