Billabong High International School has launched a new primary school curriculum

Curriculum has been revised to enable students in grades 1 to 8 to enable ‘how to think’ and not just ‘what to think’.

Billabong High International School (BHIS) is ready to launch a brand new curriculum called BHIS 2.0 for elementary school, in line with a standard system of growing love for learning. The BHIS 2.0 curriculum is designed based on 4 core pillars: design thinking, socio-emotional learning, 21st century skills, and search-based learning.

Curriculum Highlights:

  • Language and Literature: In addition to international writers, stories by Indian writers will be featured in English literature, including works by Raskin Bond’s The Blue Umbrella, Sudha Murthy’s The Lost Temple, and biographies of Dr. APJ Kalam among others. There will be a new focus on Hindi and Marathi (language and literature) in line with the new education policy.
  • Technology: Students will be encouraged to be more technology-aware. They will be able to refine ideas and test their perceptions on the same subject in ARGUS.
  • Maths Lab: Maths will move from ‘worksheet-based learning’ to ‘concept-based learning’ under the auspices and experiments of Maths Lab. The aim is to connect students to real life through an innovative teaching method.
  • Global Perspectives: A number of factors affecting the world will be part of the global perspective. It will broaden students’ worldviews and empower them and expand their perspectives on challenges, cultures, innovations and situations around the world.

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