BITSoM Beacon has launched a concept festival

BITSoM, a Mumbai-based new-age business school, has announced its inaugural Ideas Festival for January 2022. The festival aims to be a strategic platform for business leaders, academics and entrepreneurs to discuss, reflect and re-imagine the future. Founding Fuel, partnered with a new age media and learning company, is expected to expand over four weekends in January with a unique, interactive and immersive experience – including networking lounges, student booths and asynchronous engagement opportunities.

In its inaugural edition, the festival will attract not only the leaders of the management world, but also sports and entertainment. They will share their vision of learning, innovation and entrepreneurship from the epidemic and their vision for a sustainable, technology-enabled future.

Some speakers include Nowshad Forbes, co-chairman, Forbes Marshall; Vishwanathan Anand, five-time world chess champion; Geoffrey Garrett, Dean, USC Martial School of Business; Leena Chatterjee, Professor of Organizational Behavior at BITSoM; Deep Kalra, Chairman, Make My Trip and Shankar Mahadevan, Singer, Composer and Founder, Shankar Mahadevan Academy. Other speakers at the festival will include writers, business leaders and academics from BITSoM and the London Business School.

Ranjan Banerjee, Dean, BITSoM said, “The goal of BITSoM is to be the hub of new age ideas, learning and leadership. Through this festival, we will create a place for diverse leaders to meet in a community, share ideas, learn from each other and collectively create value. “

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