Boeing Win and LLF have announced the Aerospace Skills Program

The Boeing, Wipro Infrastructure Engineering and Learning Links Foundation has announced skills programs for the aerospace industry.

Learn and earn a youth skills program from Boeing, Wipro Infrastructure Engineering (WIN) and the Learning Links Foundation (LLF). The program aims to strengthen the country’s space ecosystem and is in line with the Government of India’s ‘Skill India’ initiative.

The first batch of 17 trainees will go through an extensive 11-month program which will include a tool room run by the Karnataka government, five months of classroom training and counseling at the Government Tool Room and Training Center (GTTC) Bangalore. Job training in WIN’s aerospace department in Bangalore.

The curriculum of the program, curated by LLF, includes classroom sessions, hands-on exercises, lectures by industry experts, and industry inspections. The program includes technical and soft skills training. Trainees will be provided with a monthly stipend throughout the duration of the program and will be assessed regularly and the training will help secure meaningful employment for young professionals.

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