Camp K12 gives students the ability to be published authors

The ad-tech platform has announced the publication of six of its students, ages 8 to 14.

Camp K12, an ed-tech start-up focused on building a global online school for 21st Century skills, announced that its six young students, ages 8 to 14, have made great strides to become authors published through the company’s innovative English course. . Student of Camp K12, Ishanvi Jain from Durgapur, West Bengal; Parvati Ramnarayan from Pune, Nevaha Palkar in Maharashtra and Kanhangarh in Kerala has embarked on a relatively early journey to become a published writer and has defined new milestones.

11-year-old Ishanvi Jain is an avid reader and believes in harnessing all the emotions of what he does. Driven by a strong desire to write, Ishanvi found a way to achieve his goal through a course at Camp K12 and wrote his book, Throne of the Sea, which is an intriguing underwater conspiracy. In his words, “the right direction made all the difference” and he was able to publish his first book.

Nevaha Palkar, a 10-year-old from Pune, Maharashtra, is ready to explore her unparalleled passion for writing with the launch of her novel Adventure on the Other Side. The young writer recounts an adventure-lover-trilogy story and captures the reader’s imagination with mystery.

11-year-old Parvati Ramnarayan lets her imagination play out in her novel The Great Escaped because she describes Vegla’s exciting and intriguing adventures. Regarding her success, she said: “It was an exciting journey for me, from writing my book to publishing it when I was just 11 years old. The confidence my English communication teacher showed me made me believe I could write one. Novel

Each child in the program writes and publishes a novel that is available on Amazon and Kindle, participates in international debates, gives TED-style lectures to live listeners, competes in spelling bees, and much more. The company has expanded its program beyond India and has recruited three young writers from Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong. Proving the future of K12 education, Camp K12 is empowering young students worldwide to become published writers and leaders of the future.

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