CareerLabs has signed an MOU with Tech Mahindra to create skilled professionals

Students get a chance to get a place at Tech Mahindra in roles across different verticals.

CareerLabs and Tech Mahindra have signed an MOU to transform more than 3,000 graduates into skilled professionals on how to succeed in a highly competitive world of industry-relevant skills and technological know-how. Students will go through intensive upskilling courses on specific skill tracks prescribed by Tech Mahindra, such as full stack development, and get the opportunity to seek advice from renowned industry experts. Upon successful completion of the training, the students have the opportunity to play a role in various verticals at Tech Mahindra.

The program will debut in the current assortment of industry-relevant educational offers offered by CareerLabs. It is carefully designed not only with the vision of equipping the next generation of technological talent with industry-relevant employment skills, but also with a view to filling the gap of job-ready IT professionals in the industry. During the training activities, Career Labs plans to empower young people with industry relevant skills to initiate a wave of change in the IT industry through training and recruitment.

The brand new program welcomes newcomers with backgrounds in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, E&TC, Electronics, IT, Communications, MSc Computer Science and IT and MCA for projects and roles in Java, Testing, Agile and DioOps; Everything in the industry is in huge demand at the moment. Any student who graduates between 2019-2021 is eligible for this program until they have scored 60 percent or higher in their SSC, HSC, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as applicable.

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