CENTA is ready to add 2 billion to the education economy

Following the Union Budget 2022, CENTA’s emphasis on creating a pool of qualified, certified teachers has become even more relevant.

The Center for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA), a platform for assessing and certifying teacher competencies, to connect teachers to opportunities and support their skills development, today announced that they are now the largest teacher community in India with 600,000 active teachers using the platform. EdTech is at the forefront of the current rise in the technology sector, and there is an urgent need for high-quality educators to lead, guide, facilitate and advise this growth.

To address this need for high-quality teachers, CENTA, established in 2014, offers certification that assesses teacher competencies and helps bridge the gap between motivated teachers and better opportunities – prioritizing private school recruitment, creating a wealth of government resources, complementary earnings. And so on. The growing list of committed teachers has spread to 600,000 across India and 40,000 across the Philippines, Nigeria, Bangladesh, UAE and UK.

Solving one of the sector’s biggest problems has the potential to add $ 2 billion to CENTA’s economy – consistent, high-quality teacher supply. It plans to continue its rapid growth rate and will have a community of at least 2 million teachers by 2022. Well-defined and global benchmark skills framework. Mrs. Ramya, Founder and CEO of CENTA, is now supporting the development of India’s national professional standards for teachers through her role on the NCTE Committee.

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