CivilDaily will hire 200 mentors for 10,000 students in the next 6 months

UPSC continues to strengthen its faculty by announcing the recruitment of the Preparatory Platform

CivilDaily, a student-centered platform for UPSC preparation, has announced that it will hire 200 new mentors for its 10,000 students. The company has been working tirelessly to transform their entire preparation cycle by providing students with a supportive ecosystem and distinguished content, taking advantage of blood-sucking technology.

The online platform is known for education services and products for IAS applicants such as IAS Foundation Course, News Brainstorming, IAS Main Test Series, IAS Prelim Test Series and Monthly Current Affairs Magazine. Presented in a user-friendly manner, the website and its interactive environment are good for students. Candidates can check their daily progress, preferred mentor and reserved issues for customized experience.

Adhering to their distinctive features as a preparation platform of UPSC, Civilsdaily caters to all the candidates through different examination levels. Through one-on-one consultation sessions through open communication portals such as telegrams, phone calls and emails, the website has become one of the most sought after sites for preparation. Recent trends and dynamic patterns of UPSC exams have been accurately identified by CivilDaily, which improves the study materials and lectures up-to-date and in terms of quality. The platform also provides affordable educational services for those interested in subscribing and has free access for everyone.

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