Climate friendly community school built under the flyover

Seed (Sustainable Ecological and Environmental Development Society), a Swedish nonprofit, Better Shelter has created a transitional structure for the Van Full Open-Air Community School in Mayur Bihar, East Delhi, with a flyover without a roof or walls. Since 2020. Community school which has 200 active enrolled students for the children of Jamuna Khaddar slum cluster. The structure is designed to promote a stable learning environment that protects students from extreme weather conditions such as heat, rain and cold as they return to the classroom.

Van Full Community School also serves as a The bullies (creche) An informal learning center for school-age students and school dropouts, as well as a resource center for community vocational training. Considering the unauthorized nature of the settlements in the area, a temporary structure was agreed to use materials accessible from the local market. The structure of the school was the ‘structure’ of the Better Shelter which employs a modular steel frame. Galvallum sheets were used for roofs, bamboo reed panels for walls, and pinewood for doors and windows. The materials were chosen for the purpose of creating a durable, climate-compatible, cost-effective, and easy-to-install structure.

Jamuna Khadar in Mayur Bihar, Delhi, where the migrant communities live in unauthorized clusters on the floodplain of the river Jamuna, has an estimated population of 10,000 with migrants from Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Bihar. About 4,000 children live in the area – 70 percent of them enrolled in government schools, but only 40 percent attend classes. There is a high percentage of school dropouts due to the distance between the slum cluster and the location of the school, as well as the lack of adequate educational opportunities in government schools. The goal of Van Full Community School, run by a local named Naresh Pal, is to bridge this gap. With an estimated 2 million people living in 675 slum clusters across the national capital of Delhi, temporary shelters with climate-friendly and readily available materials that can be easily dismantled, transported and re-installed need time.

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