CoLLearn Partner with Official Collective

CoLLearn is a subsidiary of JITO, an incubated startup of the JITO Incubation and Innovation Foundation (JIIF) and is designed to create innovative driven entrepreneurial ecosystems for socio-economic development.

CoLLearn, an edtech platform that provides unparalleled careers in an integrated environment by industry experts from around the world through live online offbeat courses and mentorship programs, is pleased to announce its exclusive partnership with the Officializing Collective, a platform that provides training to sports officials. CoLLearn is an incubated startup of the JITO Incubation and Innovation Foundation (JIIF), a subsidiary of JITO, which is designed to create innovative entrepreneurial ecosystems for socio-economic development.

Official Collective assists in the development of grassroots elite sports officials. OC is the only multi-sport official provider in the world that provides specialist education and training that complements the development opportunities that sports themselves provide.

The platform includes people like Simon Taufel (former ICC umpire), Donna Kelso (gold badge chair umpire, tennis), Dr Michael Lloyd (psychologist, Cricket Australia), Claire Polosak (Cricket Australia), Tom Sweeney (chair) . Umpires, tennis) etc. They currently have content providers for the community of elite executives and currently have 95+ resources available on their website. In addition, the Officiating Collective has now partnered with but not limited to, many Australian national sports organizations: Hockey Australia, Swimming Australia, Tennis Australia, Volleyball Australia, Softball Australia. Also, Official Collective has partnered with New Zealand agencies, Tennis NZ and Auckland Rugby, with many more in the pipeline.

“With our partnership with CoLLearn, we are excited to grow in a new environment. The learning and experience that Srishti and his team bring to our growing platform is best for our ability to continue to serve the working community, “claims Ash Senot, MD, Office Collective.

“With Official Collective, CoLLearn has found a gateway to other sports such as rugby, basketball, swimming, tennis, etc. It will help us grow our portfolio further and help CoLLearn reach new heights,” said Anand Srishti Jain, CEO and Founder. CoLLearn.

“Collarn is incubated at the GITO Incubation and Innovation Foundation and we are keen to make an impact in life and help people build their full-time careers,” said Jinal Shah, Incubation Manager at Zeto Incubation and Innovation Foundation.

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