Countingwell has announced new courses on financial literacy for middle school students

The course will provide important mathematical concepts that students can apply for personal money and money management

The math learning app, Countingwell has launched a new course on financial literacy for 6th to 8th grade school students. The course will teach important financial concepts related to mathematics that students can apply to learn about personal finance and money management.

The Countingwell Financial Literacy course will introduce students to real-life situations and situations where they make decisions about money and personal finances using mathematical concepts. Also, the course will help students understand that all the math they have learned in the classroom has been applied in real life, including interest and ratio and profit-loss formulas.

The course will cover concepts about budget, savings and investment, EMI purchases, cost of ownership of assets, differences between money and assets, etc. Kids will face situations like online fraud, cost optimization, credit card costs and dealing with interest.

The course is currently available for a select set of internal users and will be available to the general public on the Countingwell mobile app later this month.

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