Course5 Intelligence to collaborate with BITS Pilani for applied AI research

Industry-Academia Collaboration for Collaborative Research in the Application of Cognitive Neuroscience and Multimodal Deep Learning for Innovation in Consumer and Marketing Analysis

Course5 Intelligence has entered into AI-based research partnerships with Play Data Analytics and Insight Company of India, BITS Pilani and Woxsen University. The company believes that these partnerships will encourage industry-academia collaboration and nurture talent in emerging technologies through real-world research and help Course5 Intelligence continue to deliver different and market-leading solutions and products.

Course5 Intelligence offers its clients multiple solutions in digital, customer and marketing analysis. Understanding customer behavior and applying new set granular features to improve the AI ​​model is an ongoing goal for the company. As part of its current alliance with BITS Pilani, Course5 Intelligence is sponsoring a 3-year sponsored research program to apply cognitive neuroscience techniques and multimodal deep learning to understand consumer behavior, attention, memory and the decision-making journey of consumers. The research will involve the application of concepts from Behavioral Economy (BE), Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) and Deep Learning to improve the current offerings of Course5 Intelligence and to create innovative solutions and products.

As part of the partnership with Woxsen University, Course5 will offer internship projects for multiple use in customer and marketing analysis to faculty and students. Fields of research will include the use of sentiment analysis to improve existing promoter scores (NPS), intent and theme identification in customer data to identify the feelings of existing customers and identify the exact cause of customer complaints, and natural language processing (NLP) using data matching.

Ashwin Mittal, CEO of Course5 Intelligence, commented on the initiative, “Cognitive Neuroscience is the next frontier for corporations in advancing customer analysis and AI strategies. This program will advance that agenda for us and for the industry. Course5 continues to strive to support the Intelligence Academy and to prepare students for the art. By offering complex real-world issues for joint research and development, we believe this program will cross-leverage skills and coordinate academia and industry. “

Commenting on the alliance, Dr. Hemchandran K, Program Chair, MBA (Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning), Oxen University, said: Enables. Improve yourself to be art-ready from day 1 of their course. ” Dr. Raul V. Rodriguez, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Waxen University, added, “Through this partnership, Waxsen aims to bridge the gap between industry and academia through a variety of initiatives, such as student and faculty internships and projects.”

Course5 Intelligence has global clients across all industries including technology, media and telecom, CPG and retail and life sciences / pharmaceuticals.

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