CSR should start with a social perspective

At the CSR Conference 2021 held at Amity University Uttar Pradesh, the keynote speaker, Medha Patkar spoke on the theme ‘Epidemic and Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Organization Response, Business Model Innovation and Responsible Business Practice’.

Amity University Uttar Pradesh has organized a two-day international conference on ‘Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Epidemic and Beyond: Organizational Response, Business Model Innovation and Responsible Business Practice’ where hundreds of academics, corporates, NGOs and students discuss 33 topics. Will. Themes in various fields like tourism and hospitality sector, education sector, defense manufacturing sector, consumer sustainable sector, food and agriculture sector, healthcare and medical device sector. The purpose of this conference is to explore and learn from both national and international experiences. To integrate with business strategies and achieve sustainable competitive advantage, companies in CSR campaigns will engage in engaging discussions and gain an intellectual perspective on creating measurable and sustainable CSR frameworks to create a wider social impact, introspect and explore existing CSR opportunities. And develops a clear roadmap for implementation and the way forward, and gains insights into how CSR-innovation in companies is driven by competition and a focus on social development frameworks.

The two-day conference will address a number of topics including: Alignment with the Transformation SDG for a Sustainable Future: Discover Opportunities for Investment, Innovation and Collaboration through CSR; Strategies for building effective partnerships between corporates and NGOs through CSR initiatives; Youth Skills Development for Industry 4.0 and beyond:, the role of CSR initiatives in gaining local resources and capabilities, how to shift business focus to rural development through CSR initiatives; Incorporating CSR into teaching-learning and research for responsible citizen development has social implications for growth; Promoting social responsibility among youth through community involvement and industry and academia partnerships; Business Effective CSR Governance and Ethics by eminent corporates like Mr. Raju Sharma, Director CSR, Indigo Aviation; Mr. Chetan Kapoor, COO, Tech Mahindra; Mrs. Monica Walia, Head CSR, Global Logic – Hitachi Group; Mr. Sahars Simon David Head- S&CR- Southeast Asia Oceania and many more including India, Ericsson India.

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