Curious Jr will launch a regional language course to meet a variety of people

CuriousJr offers its courses in both English and Hindi and is currently exploring and plans to launch Marathi, Telugu, Bengali and Gujarati in the coming months.

CuriousJr, an ad-tech start-up and online coding platform for kids, is on a mission to create, develop and deliver accessible and free coding education for kids on mobile phones, and is trying to reach a wider reach online curriculum in India as it expands. It also looks at the possibility of introducing a revenue model for their courses and exploring other local languages ​​to meet the needs of different populations.

CuriousJr currently offers all its courses in both English and Hindi, including JavaScript, block coding and computer fundamentals. CuriousJr currently has 70 percent students who are learning Hindi. With 1000,000 downloads, the platform is learning about 220,000 students per month in the app, who have so far created over 400,000 apps in the CuriosJR App Store.

Curriculum or curriculum content is being augmented, targeting students in grades 6 and 12, while age-specific content is something that is being explored. Plans are afoot to include local languages ​​in the courses and to introduce them in the coming months In addition to Hindi and English – which are currently available on the platform – other languages ​​explored include Marathi, Telugu, Bengali and Gujarati.

CuriousJr has introduced itself as a mobile-first offer since about 88 percent of students still do not have access to a laptop. On the other hand, about 45 percent of students have access to a smartphone. It is expected to reach 60 percent in one year and 70 percent in two years, which will help all students learn the code using only smartphones.

In addition to working on content ramp-ups, which include developing age-specific solutions, the company will also see revenue streams such as coach-led education and packaged curriculum, as well as purchase specific courses.

In addition to exploring new languages, as a growing startup, CuriousJr seeks to recruit new talent for their team in multiple verticals to expand their workforce and speed up the process of launching new languages ​​in the app.

The startup’s goal of reaching out to all children, regardless of their location, region, or local language, is nearing completion. CuriousJr aims to create the most trusted learning platform that will provide technology-assisted, impact-based education to 500 million children worldwide by 2030.

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