Diffavo enables students to study abroad

Norwegian ad-tech firm Defavo is working to enable Indian students to navigate the post-covid world of study at a foreign university.

An online platform that enables access to education internationally, Dfavo has already enabled more than 10,000 Indian students to study abroad in its first 12 months of operation in India. The platform has already been used by more than 3,400 channel partners and offers access to more than 1,100 educational institutions worldwide. It has helped more than 18,000 students worldwide.

Co-founded by Harinder Aulakh of Indian descent with Pål Kvalheim, the company is headquartered outside Chandigarh with its headquarters in Oslo, Norway. As the world begins to open up for international students to travel, Defavo is working to meet the growing demand of aspiring students for educational opportunities abroad.

Dfavo is a fast, easy-to-use online platform that enables access to learning internationally. This simplifies the application by digitizing the method combined with human support and accessibility throughout the process. The service is both secure and transparent and puts the interests of the students at the center of its service Formerly known as ‘studyportal.io’, the firm has since re-branded itself as ‘Dfavo’.

Dfavo also aims to make India a major destination for foreign students to choose India as their destination of higher education. Dfavo is already helping African students to study at Indian universities and Nepalese students to study at Japanese institutions. The goal is to create a truly global platform that enables students from all over the world to enter higher education.

Dfavo’s main goals in India over the next few months are:

  • Continue to expand its support services for Indian students wishing to study abroad in any location
  • Further, expand operations in India with employment opportunities and social equality in its workforce
  • Build Dfavo’s reputation as a leading place to work and employer of choice in India
  • Support the economic growth of modern India through service technology and entrepreneurship

Further, the key aspects that distinguish Diffavo from other similar foreign study platforms are:

  • Human interaction takes place at each stage of the application process, putting the student’s needs first
  • Students can apply with complete transparency directly on the platform or with the help of a trusted local partner
  • Dfavo provides direct access to university training that is usually beyond the reach of individual counselors
  • The platform speeds up the receipt of university offers and ensures enrollment abroad

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