Disruptive concept for the 270 million strong enrolled K12 student population report

Aspire Circle, Impact Leadership Champion and Advocate Investing for Impact: Education, Skills and Adtech has published a report.

The epidemic has even made an unprecedented leap in the growth of online education and job skills in the country, with a report titled Investment for Impact: Education, Skills and AdTech by the country’s top Impact Leadership Champion and Advocates Aspire Circle.

Determining the 10 disruptive investment ideas that could bring about a transformative change in the way Indians receive their education as well as the benefits of post-education skills and training and the catalyst by new age education and training technology – the report points the way forward. Creating human capital to meet the needs of 21st century India. The ten concepts identified in the report can be spelled as the following sub-categories: technology-enabled K-12 education; Online exam preparation platform-led inclusion and capability; Supplementary and extracurricular education; Teacher training and development; Affordable education loan platform; Gig Economy and Unbounded Micro Tasking; Affordable student housing; Innovative funding in education and skills; Employability Skills and Micro and Alternative Credentials for Social and Emotional Learning.

Some of the leading participants who contributed to the compilation of this report are: SS Mantha, former Chairman, AICTE; Navtej Baal, Executive Director, Microsoft; Anurag Pratap, VP and CSR leader Cap Gemini; Safina Hossain, Founder & Ed, Educate Girls; Gayatri Basudevan, Chairperson Labernate; Mark Parkinson, CEO, CIA First School; Silent Khambhati Managing Partner, Kaizenvest; Founder of Osama Manzar, DEF; Founder of Raj Guilder, Land-a-Hand; Ramya Venkataraman Founder & CEO, CENTA & Bikash Goswami, Head Of Consulting, Boundless Environment Resource Solutions.

It was the second in a series of reports by Aspire Circle as part of a larger and more comprehensive program to create 100 impact concepts for India’s inclusive growth, involving more than 200 experts to shape India’s impact economy with India’s largest collaborative research initiative.

Although more than 1.5 million schools make up the Indian education system, the country has the world’s largest population of around 500 million in 5-24 year olds who are estimated to need education.

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