DU Admission 2021 College of 100 decimat candidates cut off

The cut-off percentage of Delhi University institutions has dissatisfied many candidates who have scored above 90% and are looking for alternatives, fearing that their DU admission target may not be met.

The percentage cut-off of Delhi University colleges has disappointed many candidates who have scored above 90 per cent and they are now looking for alternatives as they feel that their dream of getting admission in DU may not come true.

Bhavika, a Chandigarh-based aspirant, got 95.5 per cent in her Best of Four and she wants to do BA (Hons) Economics from Lady Shri Ram College or Shri Ram College of Commerce.

“Looking at the cut-off, DU looks like a distant dream at the moment. I have applied under the ECA quota, for which the seats will be filled after the various cut-offs are filled. There is plenty of time to go.” For him. As a backup plan, I was admitted to Symbiosis Law School, Pune but DU is my first choice, ”he said.

His friend Ishita Mehra, who scored 93.6 per cent in Best of Four, has been admitted to SD College, Chandigarh as a backup option. “They should have taken the Central University General Entrance Examination for their pass. I didn’t get enough marks and if I had the exam, I was sure I would get 96 percent or 97 percent marks. I want to get BKM (honors).) I will wait for the rest of the cut-off but I will not settle for one less college in DU, ”he said.

Roshni Zahur, a resident of Rataul in Uttar Pradesh, scored 94.75 per cent in her top four subjects and wanted to study BA (Hons) in history at a prominent North Campus College. “The cut-offs are quite high and I can’t make it to the first list of campus colleges. However, I am filling the cut-offs at Deshbandhu College and Aryabhatta College. I will be admitted to Deshbandhu College.” And then migrate to college if I can score on any one of the next lists, ”Zahur said.

Riya Sharma, who got 94.8 percent marks in her top four, wants to do BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Sciences which is offered in three colleges – Acharya Narendra Dev, Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences and Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences.

“In Bhaskaracharya, the cut-off for the course is 99 per cent and in the case of Acharya Narendra Deb it is 97 per cent. I am qualifying in Shaheed Rajguru where the cut-off is 94 per cent. I will be admitted in it. , ”He said.

Another DU examinee Prishya Jain, who scored 98.25 per cent marks in four subjects, wanted to do B.Com program in Sri Ram College of Commerce and Lady Sri Ram College but the high cut-offs created a spanner.

“I will wait for the next cut-off for these colleges. I have been admitted to a college in my city as a backup option,” Jain said.

Ava Dev Habib, treasurer of the Delhi University Teachers Association, said students should not lose heart and should not wait for the next cut-off.

Dr Babli Maitra Saraf, principal of Indraprastha College for Women, said students should not be disappointed even if they could not complete the cut-off in the first list.

“First and second cut-offs are more because colleges do not want to run the risk of over-admission. The rule is that everyone should be included in the cut-off, regardless of the number of seats,” he said.

Saraf added that there are many colleges and universities in Delhi like Indraprastha University and Ambedkar University.


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