DUK professor among the top 2 scientists at Stanford University

Alex P. James, Associate Dean (Academic) of Digital University Kerala, has been nominated as one of the top 2% scientists in the world. For the second time in a row, Dr. James enlisted in a list compiled by Stanford University and Elsevier BV, a publishing house based in the Netherlands.

Alex P. James, Associate Dean (Academic) of Digital University Kerala, is listed among the top 2 percent scientists in the world. The list, prepared by Stanford University and the Netherlands-based publishing house Elsevier BV for the second time in a row, includes Dr. James, according to a statement here.

Six members of the Digital University Kerala Board of Studies are also on the list of top 2 per cent scientists, citing two lists based on career-long data and single-year impact by Dr James Stanford-Elsevier. .

In a single year, he ranks 294th out of 1,05,029 scientists in the world and 8th in India in the field of electrical and electronics engineering. According to a Stanford-Elsevier report published last week, the ranking is based on a C-score (number of citations, excluding self-citations) or a top 100,000 based on 2% or more.

In addition to Dr. James, members of DUK’s Board of Studies include Dr. Vincenzo Puri of the University of Milan, Dr. Sudip Mishra of IIT Kharagpur, Dr. Swagatam Das of the Indian Statistical Institute, Dr. Ajit Abh of Machine Intelligence Research Labs. The list includes Suresh H. Cherumutthathu of NIIST and Dr. Sudhakar C. Reddy of the Indian Space Research Organization.

Among them, Dr. James, Dr. Misra, Dr. Das and Dr. Abraham are in the top 0.5% of the world, it said.

Dr. James’s specialized areas of research include AI hardware, neuromorphic VLSI, intelligent imaging and machine learning, and analog electronics. He is Maker Village, Professor in charge of Kochi and Chief Investigator at the Center for Excellence for Intelligent IoT Sensors under DUK.

Dr. James is the founding chair of the IEEE Kerala Section Circuits and Systems Society and a Fellow of the British Computer Society, and the Institution of Engineering and Technology, the statement added.


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