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Malpani Ventures has invested in the seed round of DUX education.

Dux Education, an education technology company that makes afterschool tuitions online, accessible and affordable, has secured seed funding from Malpani Ventures.

Co-founded by Rohit Jain, Udit Chaturvedi and Manika Tiwari, K12 offers a monthly subscription service for education.

Rohit Jain commented, “At DUX, our goal is to bring attractive and affordable education to every corner of the country. We strongly believe that the role of technology at edtech is to help consultants deliver better. We have come a long way. A more grounded approach to learning with the mentor’s first platform, our focus on live and interactive classes and practice with just ten students. ” Mentioning, “Dr. Aniruddha Malpani supports us and revives the DUX family to bring education to all. DUX is our revival on online education. With Dr. Malpani, we will now create the Adtech as it should be!”

Currently, 50 percent of its students are from Tier I and II cities, while 40 percent of students are from III and IV cities. The final 10 percent are foreign students from Australia, the Middle East, Thailand, the United Kingdom, the United States and Qatar.

This is Malpani Ventures’ fourth investment in education, following Bebox Labs, multilingual and Habit Strong (formerly Concept Owl).

Dr. Aniruddha Malpani commented, “Education is a public good, which is why I believe in financing social impact EdTech startups like DUX. They know that if they focus on purpose, profit will automatically follow. Their subscription model does not lock students. , And it ensures that their teachers are at their fingertips, because they have to constantly add value to their students. “

edtech is in the process of securing a partnership to expand its international market.

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