Egress Protect Recognized by expert insights for industry-leading email

Expert Insights Name Egress Protect ‘Top Email Encryption Solutions for Office 365’.

London – 5th April 2022 – Egress Protect has been selected for Expert Insights Best-Off Award for Encryption for the second year. A leading provider of intelligent email security, Egress was recognized for its enterprise-grade encryption and uninterrupted integration with Microsoft 365.

By being selected for this award, Egress Protect has become the champion for using secure, certified encryption to protect against data breaches. Used by major banks, leading law firms, global healthcare providers and governments, Egress Protect integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 to offer non-friction email encryption for both sender and recipient. Protect provides automatic encryption and provides user prompts for zero-user interaction in partnership with Egress Prevent. It also offers the option to give users the ability to initiate end-to-end encryption using a low-friction Outlook add-in. Reduces the human active risk posed by human error, malicious insider and intruder phishing attacks, security forms part of the Intelligent Email Security Suite.

The best prize winners are selected by expert insight editors based on extensive research on the merits of each solution as a solution provider, customer reviews and how they compare to their competitors. All recipients of this award were specially selected for their impressive features, strong ability and positive user experience. Expert Insights Consider pricing, target market and placement processes when selecting top sellers.

“In today’s high-risk environment, email encryption is an important component of every company’s security stack,” explained Agres CEO Tony Paper. “Encryption is easy for both the sender and the recipient, providing security at the level that security agencies need to keep digital communications secure. We are proud that Egress Protect has been recognized by expert insights for providing the highest level of security.”

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About aggression
Our goal is to address the most complex cyber security challenges that every organization faces: internal risks. We understand that people are hacked, make mistakes and break the rules. To prevent these human-active violations, we have created the only human-level protection platform that protects against internal and external threats. Using patent-relevant machine learning, we detect and prevent abnormal human behavior such as misdirected emails, data exfoliation, and targeted spear-phishing attacks.

Used by some of the world’s largest brands, Agres supports private equity and has offices in London, New York and Boston.

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