EmpowerYouth com is opening interest free education loans across Rajasthan

Partners with Shyam University, Dausa have partnered with PaisaOnline.net to provide fee-financing solutions for undergraduate and postgraduate education across the state of Rajasthan.

EmpowerYouth.com, the career-tech platform, has launched its offer for students in Rajasthan, following the huge success of their education loans for studying across Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. For the first time, the organization has entered into a Dausa agreement with Shyam University to help its students with the availability of education loans. More such partnerships are being finalized across the state of Rajasthan.

Shyam University students will be provided interest free education loans. In addition, EmpowerYouth.com will offer a variety of other benefits such as campus placements for jobs and internships, as well as expert sessions with industry leaders from across India and the world.

EmpowerYouth has also entered into an agreement with PaisaOnline.net (Sagar Deposits and Advances Pvt. Ltd.) to provide fee-financing solutions to students from Rajasthan, especially students from rural areas. EmpowerYouth.com already has agreements with Avanse, Agile Finserv, EZ Capital, WePay, Global Financial Services, etc., and is in the process of signing up with more banks and NBFCs.

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