EnglishHelper has launched ReadToMe in collaboration with Intel and AWS

To overcome the barriers to improving English language skills in government schools across India, EnglishHelper (EH), a language learning technology company and social enterprise, has created ReadToMe®, an AI software that facilitates multi-sensitive reading and comprehension. In collaboration with Intel, Amazon Web Services (AWS), EH has effectively enabled this solution to support students from more than 25,000 digitally equipped schools in multiple states, with more than 100,000 schools expected to grow by 2021-22.

“Technology is transforming education, how students learn and empowers them at every stage of their journey. The ability to read, write and speak English can open up many opportunities for children. Intel architecture and AWS enable cloud scalable computing capabilities while keeping costs low and providing enhanced features that enhance the learning experience under EH’s RightToRead program. Together with EH and Schoolnet, we are working to expand this collaboration to other Indian states to improve learning outcomes across the country, ”said Akanksha Bilani, Head of Regional Alliance – Asia Pacific and Japan Intel.

ReadToMe® is implemented for students in grades 1 through 12 under EH and Schoolnet’s RightToRead program. Independent assessment found that students participating in ReadToMe®-enabled classes showed a 20-40 percent improvement in reading and comprehension. The program also includes the implementation of a learning solution called EnglishBolo জন্য to equip teachers with advanced skills and familiarity with ReadToMe® through a combination of self-learning and live tutoring sessions.

Using Intel architecture and AWS technology, EH can now achieve uninterrupted scalability and apply its solutions to more than 100,000 schools across India. This solution will effectively help EH make a lasting impact in the lives of more than 20M students and 500,000 teachers, improve their learning ability and promote continuous growth and advancement.

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