Everything about accessibility: Enabling more inclusive classrooms

Everything about accessibility: Enabling more inclusive classrooms

Performed by Kevin Hogan, School News, Editor-in-Chief

Classroom parity and accessibility are important - here's how to make sure your classrooms are accessible to all students.

Equity was a priority for the school system before 2020; However, the epidemic has focused on the continuing need to create a more equitable learning environment. Personal learning environment barriers have affected everyone, but especially those who need specific education have been challenged. Students deserve the resources and support they need to be fully engaged in learning and everyone benefits when you design for inclusion.

As part of this webinar series, participants will learn how to create and enable more inclusive and accessiblely designed classrooms that provide each student with the tools and support they need – from built-in technology tools to making open learning resources more accessible.

We hear from industry experts:
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Marie Martin CEO, World of Alexandria – Education Strategist
Sam Rich, Marketing Director

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Meet your speakers

Mary Martin
CEO Alexandria’s world education strategist

For over 15 years, Mary Martin has been a global educator, trainer, facilitator, and instructional designer – working with academics, leaders, and a wide variety of students. She is a three-time “Teacher of the Year” recipient for her work and classroom results. Mary has trained, mentored, and mentored teachers on the best practices for acquiring a second language, and has created a classroom environment that is at the core of continuing social and psychological learning. In her last school district, Mary led the implementation of school-wide social and psychological education and project-based education. Marie is currently the CEO of World of Alexandria, an educational media company that provides culturally responsive courses and services.

Mario is a doctoral candidate studying leadership in education at the University of Southern California (2022) where he is editor-in-chief and editor-in-chief of Follow the Leaders Journal of Equity Leadership. His research focuses on superintendent leadership during the Fourth Industrial Revolution era. Her specialty in leadership and curriculum is the development of best practices inherent in technology equity, project-based learning, social-sensitive learning, and second language acquisition. Most recently, Marie conducted research on inclusive classrooms for Microsoft education in collaboration with Program 11.

Sam Rich
Director of Marketing

After more than 10 years as a filmmaker, storyteller and Walt Disney Imagineer, Sam moved north and spent the next 15 years bringing his passion for learning and learning to Microsoft.

As a director of marketing, he and his team support the mission of every student around the world to succeed and achieve in their school and life. Inspired by her twin babies born young and premature, mothers and scientists were eager to understand every part of the way they learned. Especially how they learned differently. Now, 21 years later, with the advent of more tools and technology to support different students, her twin children are prospering and many more.

Recognized as one of Fast Company’s ‘Top 10 Most Influential Women in Technology’ and Techflash’s ‘Top 100 Women in Technology’, she believes that the epidemic-linked technology and education link will help bring greater equality to education and help all students achieve more. .

Kevin Hogan School News, Editor-in-Large

Moderator – Kevin Hogan
School News, Editor-in-Large

Kevin is a pioneer-thinking media executive with over 25 years of experience building brands and audiences online, in print and face to face. He is an acclaimed writer, editor and commentator who has covered the crossroads of society and technology, especially education technology.

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