FIITJEE school announced

FIITJEE takes its offline coaching skills online, launches FIITJEE eSchool – an EdTech initiative to offer live online preparatory classroom programs (including two-way communication)

FIITJEE eSchool, a 100 percent affiliate of FIITJEE Ltd., is an EDTECH initiative to enhance the capabilities of offline teaching through technology. As a result, students living in small towns / cities do not have access to quality preparation services in their vicinity, they do not need to relocate to any major city but now they can access FIITJEE’s classroom preparation services in the form of live online classes (2 ways to communicate) And from a safe environment.

Offline teaching skills at FIITJEE eSchool will bring online platforms and help children use their abilities to realize their goals wherever they are physically.

Who can really benefit from FIITJEE eSchool?

  • JEE candidates live in cities where they do not have access to quality education. Now they don’t have to stay in hostels by shifting to big cities. They can join the live class at home.
  • VI / VII / VIII / IX / X class students who live in a Tier 2/3 town that lacks competitive exam exposure, had to wait until the eleventh grade for career guidance and preparation, even thinking of relocating to a larger city. You can access and enjoy online services
  • Often the parents of female students are worried about sending their child to another city to prepare for the engineering entrance exam and now they can join the class at home.
  • Students with weak financial backgrounds used FIITJEE’s Fortunate 40 scheme for course fee waivers but it was still difficult to relocate to a larger city due to various other limitations. Now they can be back and take classes online and make their dreams come true.

Competitive exam preparation from FIITJEE will no longer have geographical boundaries.

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