Fourthrev and ACCA Partners for the Financial Analytics Program

The online program will integrate into accounting and finance degrees and can be used individually by recently qualified accountants.

Fourthrev and ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) are announcing their partnership today, launching a worldwide ‘Financial Analytics Program’. The online program is designed to integrate with degree courses in accounting and finance and can be used individually by recently qualified accountants. Addressing feedback from the accounting and finance industries, the program will enable students to develop their mindset, communication and advanced financial analysis skills that are essential for forward-thinking financial professionals in the big data age. The program, which has a total of 150 hours of study and is designed to meet academic standards for undergraduate courses, will be led by leading financial experts and will collaborate with industry partners, including Tech Mahindra, to deliver authentic business projects.

The program has a basic focus on combining ‘human’ skills with core technical capabilities and will help students develop:

  • Critical thinking skills to ask the right questions of data to address business needs
  • Frameworks and approaches for conducting financial analysis, drawing on datasets and their extensive knowledge of companies / industries
  • Perform technical skills analysis including Excel and MockDynamics and develop insights and dashboards
  • How to create a compelling narrative to express insights in a slide presentation
  • The best way to practice communication with internal and external stakeholders
  • Positive behavior around continuous learning and taking initiative

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